Rehearsal Schedule

Wilmington Symphony Orchestra 2013-2014 Schedule

April 26, 2014- Blockbuster!
Rebecka Rose, oboe

Mozart: Symphony No. 25 in g minor 0-2-0-2 / 4-0-0-0 / strings
Martinů: Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra 2-0-2-1 / 2-1-0-0 / piano / strings
Wagner: Prelude to Die Meistersinger 3-2-2-2 / 4-3-3-1 / timp. 2 perc. hp. / strings
Respighi: The Fountains of Rome 2+1-2+1-2+1-2 / 4-3-3-1/ timp, perc, 2 hp., pno.,(ad lib org) / strings
Personnel list
Tue., March 25 7:30pm Mozart
8:00 Respighi
8:40 Martinů
WW, Hn., Strings
Tue., April 1 7:30pm Martinů
8:30 Respighi
9:00 Wagner
9:10 Mozart
WW, Hn., Tpt. 1, Strings
Tue., April 8 7:30pm Mozart
8:00 Respighi
8:30 Wagner
8:50 Martinů
WW, Brass, Strings
Tue., April 15 7:30pm Martinů
8:30 Respighi
9:00 Wagner
9:10 Mozart
Full Orchestra
Tue., April 22 7:30pm Mozart
8:00 Respighi
8:30 Wagner
8:50 Martinů
Full Orchestra
Fri., April 25 7:30pm Mozart
8:00 Respighi
8:30 Wagner
8:50 Martinů
Dress Rehearsal
Sat., April 26 10am Dress Rehearsal
Sat., April 26 8pm CONCERT

Wilmington Symphony Orchestra 2014-2015 Schedule

New Member Auditions: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sept. 20, 2014
Mary Jo White, flute, Christina Brier, harp

Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp 
Nielsen: Symphony No. 4
Tue., Aug. 267:30pm
Tue., Sept. 27:30pm
Tue., Sept. 97:30pm
Tue., Sept. 167:30pm
Fri., Sept. 197:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., Sept. 2010amDress Rehearsal
Sat., Sept. 208pmCONCERT

Oct. 25, 2014
Domonique Launey, piano

Britten: Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes
Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3 

Tue., Sept. 307:30pm
Tue., Oct. 77:30pm
Tue., Oct. 147:30pm
Tue., Oct. 217:30pm
Fri., Oct. 247:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., Oct. 2510amDress Rehearsal
Sat., Oct. 258pmCONCERT

(Chords for a Cause possibly Nov. 8 or 16)

Nov. 22, 2014
Symphony Pops!

with special guest Noel Paul Stookey

(schedule tentative)
Tue., Oct. 287:30pm
Tue., Nov. 47:30pm
Tue., Nov. 117:30pm
Tue., Nov. 187:30pm
Fri., Nov. 217:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., Nov. 222pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., Nov. 228pmCONCERT

New Member Auditions: Monday, January 12

Feb. 7, 2015

Tue., Jan. 137:30pm
Tue., Jan. 207:30pm
Tue., Jan. 277:30pm
Tue., Feb. 37:30pm
Fri., Feb. 67:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., Feb. 710amDress Rehearsal
Sat., Feb. 78pmCONCERT

March 21, 2015

Holst: The Planets
Student Concerto #1
Student Concerto #2
Tue., Feb. 177:30pm
Tue., Feb. 247:30pm
Tue., March 37:30pm
Tue., March 107:30pm
Tue., March 177:30pm
Fri., March 207:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., March 2110amDress Rehearsal
Sat., March 218pmCONCERT

April 25, 2015

Mozart: The Magic Flute

Tue., March 317:30pm
Tue., April 77:30pm
Tue., April 147:30pm
Tue., April 217:30pm
Fri., April 247:30pmDress Rehearsal
Sat., April 2510amDress Rehearsal
Sat., April 258pmCONCERT
Sun., April 268pmPossible Family Concert